Payroll & timesheets for mobile or remote staff

PayHero is perfect for Kiwi companies that want stress free and compliant payroll software. Especially those with remote or mobile workers, who face unique challenges tracking employee time accurately and calculating the right holiday entitlements for their staff.

PayHero streamlines the employee timesheet process with online, mobile, GPS or clock in/out options delivering accurate employee hours straight into payroll.

This is more important than ever right now, at a time when many businesses are having to change their work practices, more people are working from home and companies are creating and delivering new services.

Following the very latest Holidays Act guidance from MBIE, PayHero stores employee leave balances in weeks so companies with staff who work variable hours or have changing work patterns always get their leave entitlements right.

Better yet, the key elements that feed into payroll are all included - employee leave management; fully automated payday filing; expense claims and reimbursements; automatic calculation of public holiday entitlements; rest and meal break management; and deep integration with Xero.

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