Medical Mask 3, 4 layer Impregnated Nano-Silver and Meltblown

HAI THINH PHARMA is one of the most experienced medical equipment manufacturing and trading enterprises in Vietnam with a scale of 3 mask factories, a total capacity of over 400 million products a year, and a workforce of over 200 people. With nearly 8 years of operating experience, the company has constantly affirmed its brand position in the market and trust in customers. Currently, the company's products have been exported to European and Asian countries and territories, along with a nationwide distribution network.
Company products:
- 4-layer Medical Mask with Non-Woven impregnated Nano-silver 100PPM 95-99% technology
- 4-layer Medical Mask with Meltblown Filter (3nd) 95%-99% Vietnam
- 4-layer Medical Mask with Non-Woven (2nd layer) impregnated Nano-silver 100PPM 95-99% and Meltblown Filter (3rd layer) 95-99% Vietnam
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Resource category : PPE / Medical supplies