NZ-made Hard Surface Sanitiser

Businesses throughout NZ have been impacted through the COVID 19 crisis and now as we are operating at alert Level 3, every business has to provide a safe workplace now more than ever to comply with the required Health and safety guidelines for employee's safety. Surface sanitization is one of the most important health and safety task to make sure the surfaces employees touch is safe.
We are excited to introduce our NZ made biodegradable, ready to use hydrogen peroxide (0.5%) based hard surface sanitiser that will help keep all your hard surfaces clean from microbes including bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

Why Choose Hawkeye surface sanitiser?
Hawkeye surface sanitiser is a ready to use, alcohol and quaternary ammonium free, biodegradable sanitiser that can be used safely in homes, businesses and commercial premises on any hard surface where personnel comes and contacts surfaces including door handles, benchtops, machineries, floors, vehicles, etc.

Pack sizes:
Hawkeye is available in 500ml trigger packs and 5L jerry cans. We can also supply 20L jerry cans on demand.
We are a leading specialty chemical manufacturing and R&D firm (Renovo Technologies Ltd.) based in Bell Block, New Plymouth and we look forward to our local community support in promoting our NZ made products in this period of crisis. We are operating for last 10 years providing pest control solutions to market niches. Please help and support local kiwi businesses.

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