Web Design and Software Assistance

During this period it's vital that you have a digital presence and your services are easily accessible online.

Whether it's directly retailing online, communicating on a digital platform or implementing software solutions for your workflow, Obvious can support you in leveling up your digital capabilities!

We have capacity over the coming months to provide digital solutions for your organisation and are flexible in how we are compensated for this service.

We begin by gaining a holistic and strategic understanding of your business and your brand. By truly understanding your needs, we can provide the most effective business solution. We're all about working smarter, not harder - and we believe that good design, is Obvious.

Obvious is a full-service marketing agency with experience in preparing New Zealand businesses to enter competitive overseas markets, including Europe and the United States, with both a polished brand and a confident digital approach. Obvious has also worked with incoming international organisations looking to establish themselves in the New Zealand market, so rest assured that we know the domestic market pretty well too!

Obvious operates it's own international venture, which is an education marketing platform, called StudySpy: https://studyspy.ac.nz/

StudySpy provides a digital prospectus of every tertiary option and every scholarship in New Zealand. StudySpy has strategic relationships with a number of Government agencies and has become the default destination for NZ students looking to study. StudySpy receives over 70,000+ searches per month and recruits international students to New Zealand. The platform has been used in every country across the globe (with the exceptions of North Korea, Eritreia, Western Sahara & Central African Republic).

StudySpy also functions as technological infrastructure for Government education systems overseas. StudySpy has strategic relationships in the Pacific, working to improve the logistics, delivery and capabilities of education in vulnerable nations.

If you're looking for a team with resource to help your business/organisation with it's digital, design and communication needs - we're the Obvious choice!

We'd love to hear from you:

Email: contact@makeitobvious.co.nz
Call: +62 27 819 3722

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