Crisis Communication Solution

Want a user-friendly way to share information in a crisis? We can help.

When responding to a crisis, no matter its nature, your organisation needs to focus on speed, accuracy and consistency. Time is crucial and people want accurate, consistent information delivery.

The cloud-based Crisis Communication Solution gives you the tools you need to deliver up-to-the-minute notifications on internal company news, give answers to frequently asked questions and share access to important information such as specific policies, protocols and key contacts.

A combination of existing templates and our expertise will get your Crisis Communication Solution up quickly and smoothly to help you meet challenges head-on.

Enlighten Designs Crisis Communication Solution will help:

  • Employees report their work status (eg. working from home) and make requests.

  • Managers coordinate across teams and the Executive to track status across the organisation.

  • Administrators push news, updates and content specific to the organisation and provide emergency contacts specific to different locations.

  • Link the organisation to up-to-date information from reputable sources via social media feeds.

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