Employee Consent App

Need a rapid response from your organisation? We've got an app for that.

Unprecedented times call for quick, accurate responses from your organisation without impacting further on potentially stressful situations.

Our cloud-based Employee Consent App helps you to channel the approval you need from your employees so you can continue to serve them in the best way possible - whether in a crisis situation or business as usual.

Take advantage of our expertise and set up a simple user interface with the Microsoft Power Platform low-code tools that integrate seamlessly with Office 365 applications.

Enlighten Designs Employee Consent App will:

  • Allow employees to easily and securely give consent for personal details to be submitted on their behalf.

  • Give administrators ability to centrally manage responses from across the organisation.

  • Ensure your organisation can respond rapidly and with accuracy to the needs of your people, where compliance is critical.

Resource category : Business Services