Web Health Check

What does your digital storefront say about your business? Maybe it's time for a checkup.

The arena of e-commerce just got tougher, with competitors forced into digital transformation at a pace never seen before. Is your website ready for the onslaught?

A neglected, outdated website will be pushed to the side in the rush of new websites soon to come online. Not only that, the odds of becoming a victim of cyber-attacks has just increased ten-fold. Don’t run the risk of driving away potential new visitors and hurting your reputation.

Enlighten prides itself on tailoring health checks that suit your company and needs, rather than putting everyone through the same process. Our leading web health professionals thoroughly check how well your site has been optimised for search engines and find areas we can lift your SEO, highlight security and performance issues, help drive traffic to your site and keep users engaged with your site longer.

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