Worldwide medical cover for expats

Global Albatross is an award-winning specialist advisory of international health insurance for expatriates. We are the only NZ-based company focusing solely on international medical, which means we have intricate knowledge of policies, benefits, exclusions, inner workings and the fine print.

Our values of integrity, protecting and caring for people envelop our entire service offering for individual expats, families and groups.

We cover expats in any vocation or industry, including professional sports and aviation.

Our service is free, and our support of expats is unrivaled in the industry.

Global Albatross is dedicated to ensuring expats get the right cover for their needs and receive the maximum benefits entitled to under their policy.

We are experts at assessing risk in an uncertain world, and can determine if cover is suitable for specific needs or if better, more competitively priced options are available.

If you have a query regarding your current international medical cover, we can answer it. If you are considering other health insurance options, we can provide them. If you want to change an individual or group policy, our team provides the manpower to achieve it.

Operating ethically, delivering quality core services and adding value to our client’s medical cover is what we do!

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