Get Your Business Glowing - Neon Signage by Neon Nights

Hey my name is Annie, I love business but was fed up with the recurring cost of advertising.

So we created Neon Nights to make getting custom made neon lights to suit your branding easy.

Neon Signs can be placed at your location. Utilising space you’ve already paid for making your brand and location visible day and night.

Illuminated signs outlast any ad you can buy brand your location something ads can’t do.

Our goal is to help businesses in the hospitality sector who have been hit hard by covid.

We want to help them to get as much visibility as possible during their opening hours.

We also care about the community to that's why we don't sell screens or scrolling LEDs that create an eye sore for locals.

About the Product

Decorate or promote your business with a custom neon light. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll light it up. We customise your neon lights to match your brand, Let your imagination run wild. We can turn it into a reality!

Get a Business Sign
For a Shop front window display, reception or office decor

Flexible neon tube in your choice of colours mounted on acrylic sign board.

Pricing is variable on design and application.

Lead time excluding design process 40 days based on current situation (It will go back to 15-20 days once overseas flights reopen).

50% Deposit is required when order made. The other half has to be paid once production is done and before shipping.

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