Hand sanitiser manufacturers

List of Companies that can provide hand sanitisers and barrier cream products for essential service providers:
Alaron Products Nelson - http://alaron.co.nz/ Barrier Creams
API Consumer Brands Auckland - http://www.api.net.nz/ Barrier creams and Hand sanitisers
C+R Cosmetics Auckland - http://www.crcosmetics.co.nz/ Barrier creams
Jaychem Industries Auckland - http://www.jaychem.co.nz/ Hand sanitisers and barrier creams
Mix Auckland - http://dominatehair.com/ Hand sanitisers
Pauling Industries Auckland - http://www.pauling.co.nz/ Barrier creams and hand sanitisers
Parrs Products Auckland - http://www.wildferns.co.nz/ Hand sanitisers
Peerage Products Christchurch - http://www.peerage.co.nz/ Hand sanitisers and barrier creams
Shieling Laboratories Auckland - http://www.shieling.co.nz/ Hand sanitisers and barrier creams
Wellovationz Sandra Nelson contact@wellovationz.com Hand sanitisers (smaller scale)
Nature's Beauty Auckland www.naturesbeauty.co.nz Hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants

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