Face Masks

Hills Hats

With the Covid-19 threat across Aotearoa New Zealand, Hills Hats in Petone has designed and tested an innovative Hills face mask for personal protection equipment
Hills Face Mask - Prototype Design concept - essential requirements, safety and fit.
• Breathable
• Multi layered – 4 layers
• Two layers of non – woven fabric, a replaceable non woven filter. Potential for filter to be Kiwi made N95 merino filter by Lanaco
• Technical lining close to skin offering an anti-bacterial, sanitised cloth with wicking properties for personal hygiene.
• Conforms to the face
• Fastens at the top of the nose with a soft wire concealed in the top piping.
• Width so it hugs the cheeks well away from the mouth
• Pleating creating a rolling curve with adapts to multiple face shapes.
• Rolls under the chin offering more protection and allows the mask to be pulled up from the back strap
• Split back strap designed to open the mask and fit on either side of the ear so not to slip down the face and head.
• Elastic at the back of the strap to accommodate jaw movement and closer fit
• Velcro for multi fit
• Fastening at the back of the mask so there is no need to have your hands anywhere near your face once
• Wash testing indicted the face mask can be washed and re-used up to ten times or more
• Branded masks will be available

Resource category : PPE / Medical supplies