Face Masks (ex China)


Through our main shareholder in China, CGF can access face masks.
Ex-work approx pricing, (subject to confirmation on order)
1. Disposable Surgical masks 3-ply US$0.50/Unit
2. Disposable medical masks 3-ply US$0.40c/Unit
3. Disposable general protective masks US$0.36c/Unit
Minimum order amount is 200k.
Our shareholder, JJY has sourced these products and other PPE gear for their partner organisation SPAR supermarkets (>12,.000 supermarkets globally) and have already sent to Europe & South Africa.
Please note that these costs are approximate and would need to be confirmed on an order basis. Crux Products (CGF subsidiary) can facilitate but require payment with order as this is the supplier terms. Contact me if there is genuine interest and any dealings would be with me & Crux Products

Resource category : PPE / Medical supplies