Ultrasonic Thermoplastic Bonding Machine

Revolution Fibres

Revolution Fibres are trying to ramp up production and are looking to find a Ultrasonic Thermoplastic Bonding Machine with a specific capability. We might use, loan or purchase as suits. One machine we've identified as fit-for-purpose is :
Sonimak Machine industry http://sonimak.com (SNB-2200T Ultrasonic NW Bonding Machine)
*Working width 2200mm.
*Capacity 10-80 meter /minute (depend on material & pattern)
*One Pattern Roller
*Unwinder 2 Roll fabric,
*Ultrasonic system 20Khz. 2000W. x11 set (steel Sonotrode)
*US Generator box. Fully Digital (SN2000H)
*PLC control, Touch screen English
*Rewinder, surface or centre driven
*Elc. source 380V. 3P. 34Kw.
*Air: 6 bar/cm2, 1Lt./H.
*Roll inlet Outlet by Crane
*Working Freq. 20Khz., 2000W. Continuous mode
Are there are any NZ businesses with similar machines that can assist us?

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