Industrial Sewing and Pattern Making Services (for PPE, etc.)

NZ Aerosports Ltd

We are Grey Lynn based parachute manufacturing sewing business seeking essential work to support our business and the NZ community in the fight against Covid19 (e.g. - PPE is one area we consider we can turn our capacity towards).

We have up to 25 Staff available in a production capacity for light to medium duty sewing and associated work. And can provide design, pattern making and product specification service.

- 2 x Prosail CNC plotter/cutting machines (hot cut) - 12M and 15 M long (1.65M wide)
- 25 x Industrial Sewing Machines - Single and Twin Needle (3/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 7/8 gauge).
- 4 x Industrial Bartack Machines - 40 mm x 30 mm Max Pattern size
- 1 x Industrial Bartack Machines - 100 mm x 60mm Max pattern size

Resource category : Labour