Large Area Sanitiser Spraying

Instant Green

As this current health crisis evolves around the globe, we’ve decided to play a part in keeping the public safe.
In response to the unprecedented need of sanitisation, we’ve launched a new product and service – Instant Clean Sanitiser.

A highly concentrated Benzalkonium chloride (QAC) based sanitizer that is effective upon application and continues to shield against pathogens (germs & viruses) for two weeks (longer in non-trafficable areas).

Ideal for:
Healthcare and aged care villages
Council Facilities or Transport
Public spaces
Anywhere people are at risk of catching/spreading germs & viruses.

Protect your facilities, your team, and your clients.

Applied with one quick, simple application through our large specialist machines that spray a large mist over the area.
North Island Wide service.

Contact Ashton for more info and a video on how we apply it.

Resource category : PPE / Medical supplies