Freight Forwarding Services (Australia, China, US, EU)

Avance Freight Services

Avance continues to support businesses in the F&B / FMCG / Urgent Truck Parts / Healthcare / Refuse / Sanitation / Energy and Telecommunications Industries.

If you’re encountering any operational set-backs or dramatic increases in costs from certain parts of the world and would like a second set-of-eyes to check or quote particular orders please let us know and we can jump in at short notice to provide some alternative options. Our experience and knowledge coupled with our proactive approach is what getting the best results for clients.

Outside of the normal facets of International Freight Forwarding Services we can offer:
- Australia to New Zealand Airfreight Consols 1-2 x per week
- China (Airfreight, Part Charter and Full Charter) Ex Shanghai to Auckland and Auckland to Shanghai
- USA (Consols / Charter Space) to New Zealand
- EU wide collection and consolidation in Hamburg Germany for an Air/Sea or Air/Air service once per week into Auckland via Sydney.

Resource category : Transport / Logistics