AI customer analytics tool (tuned to analyse COVID-19 data)

Touchpoint Group

Ipiphany - created by Touchpoint Group - is an AI customer analytics tool that helps businesses analyse hard-to-quantify text feedback and measure the impact these responses have on your business. Ipiphany specialises in analysing structured & unstructured data (e.g open-ended questions) like surveys, complaints, reviews, VoC etc.

The Ipiphany Analyst tool has been specifically tuned to analyse data around COVID-19 such as:
-Employee satisfaction, concerns, questions and queries
-Data specifically mentioning COVID-19
-Surveys targeting industry changes & movement, even those which do not directly name COVID-19
-Economic changes to businesses and their current trading environment
-Conduct risk

Key Industries we’re being utilised for are healthcare, Finance & Banking, Employee Relations, Government, Travel & Hospitality.

If your business is being impacted by the changes imposed by COVID-19 restrictions, get in touch to discuss how we can help you to understand and analyse your data.

Resource category : Business Services