AI-driven remote symptom monitoring platform

The Clinician

The Clinician has an AI driven Remote Symptom Monitoring Platform ZEDOC that is being used to help manage the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare resource and vulnerable patients by keeping patients away from the hospital - supporting virtual care. There are 1200 medically validated assessments/PROMs in its library meaning projects can be configured quickly, with all author guidelines for scheduling.

The data is collected in real time and critical alerts can be configured for responses that fall outside set parameters. ZEDOC's unique capability to pull bluetooth enabled wearables and device data such as blood pressure, oximeter, glucometer data, etc means that this can all be collected remotely and displayed in dash-boards in real time.

Also developed is a specific COVID-19 module to both help monitor the health status and effective working conditions of employees (health and non-health care related organisations) and also COVID-19 patients themselves (healthcare organisations).

Resource category : Business Services