Recruitment support available

Ripple Recruitment Limited

We are recruitment specialists and talent agents who provide boutique services for a unique, top-quality experience and superior results.

We have staff available in many sectors, particularly:

  • Transport and Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Imports
  • Print and Manufacturing
  • Advertising and Marketing

Now, more than ever, employers need expert help and extra support to get them through these challenging times. Ripple Recruitment can take on all the time consuming and frustrating aspects of recruitment, so you can focus on your business and core functions.

We help employers who:
- Need to arrange for work to continue during Alert Level 4 of COVID-19 and beyond;
- Need access to on-demand support for their in-house HR department, especially in this current climate;
- Are time and resource-poor;
- Require hard-to-find talent e.g. skilled mums returning to work;
- Want to retain new hires;
- Want to minimise the risk of a bad hire (these typically cost between 100% and 200% of an employee's annual salary);
- Want to maintain a professional appearance;
- Want to maximise the opportunity of a quality hire;
- Want to hire quickly

Resource category : Labour