Bluetooth ID Card Contact Tracing & Location Management Solution

Iota Blue, a HID Global Partner/Reseller

Using Bluetooth (BLE) ID cards, implement a real time location system (RTLS) contact tracing solution to track the spread of infectious diseases, to protect your workforce, customers, subcontractors and patients.

HID partnered with Prompt.Health (Infinite Leap) to developed the Contact Tracing/Surge Site Location Services Rapid Deployment kit.

Organizations can efficiently monitor interactions by digitally accounting for:

• Patient/Staff/Subcontractor/Visitor Movements within the facility
• Encounters with other people
• Determine potential exposures
• Quickly react to minimize the spread of disease

HID Global's combined expertise in real-time location technology to help the medical, retail, construction and hospitality industries contain the spread of communicable illnesses to make environments a safe place for patients, customers and staff.

Contact Tracing – Immediately view who has come into proximity of an infected person while in the facility by leveraging HID Location Services and detailed reports and analytics by Prompt.Health

Medical Surge Site Visibility – Quickly locate patients, staff and medical equipment in temporary clinic sites using RTLS.
This is an end to end real time location system, from site registration, movement tracking, interactions with other people (to a few seconds) and reporting.

This includes:
• WorkflowRT Software for Contact Tracing (3 mo subs)
• 100 prompt passes (location badges)
• 10 location sensors (gateway)
• 1 cellular / wifi gateway
• Unlimited remote assistance for set-up and on-going support

Retail – US$9,8000 + shipping. ETA 1 week.

Key benefits:
• Fast set up using real-time location hardware and secure cloud software that allows the solution to be up and running within hours
• Protect staff, subcontractors, suppliers & patients using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled credentials pre-provisioned to each staff member and visitor
• Access to real-time analytics that include location within safe & secure zones, contact type and contact duration within seconds (including start & end times) for each visitor or staff member
• Standalone connectivity using BLE over cellular network and mobile devices minimises disruption of service. No additional infrastructure, hardware or network wiring makes zones easy to deploy.
• Plug and play technology with 24/7 remote setup and support.

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