Queue and occupancy management software


EZQ.nz manages queues for any business that needs to have parameters in place to reduce contact and manage occupancy.

This allows a business to continue to make sales, easily upload everything they sell and start taking payments very quickly.

All you need is a bank account and you will get a custom URL that you can share with your customers and promote through social channels or anywhere you reach your customers.

The customers get a real time notification of where in the queue they are, and can ensure they don't wait in a line (risking contact) unnecessarily.

Where it is difficult to post products online - such as a health care clinic, there is also an occupancy management which allows people to understand their place in the queue virtually and ensures a location doesn't have more than it's limit for occupancy at any one time.

All pricing for Covid-19 is 3.9% +gst of sales, which reduces overhead for companies, if they are starting back up again. All CC fees are included in that.

Resource category : Business Services