IoT software to monitor premises/plant/equipment remotely

Optimal Protocol Limited

Optimal Protocol provides an end-to-end Internet-of-Things (IoT) orchestration software platform to assist businesses with monitoring their premises, stock, plant and equipment from a remote location. Data can be collected using an array of devices, sensors and IoT technologies to communicate with a centralised cloud portal which can lead to real-time notification, insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities for performing actions from a distance.
During lockdown situations this can provide businesses with peace of mind around the operation and security of their company assets and facilities.

The technology will also be pivotal to keeping businesses operating in the post-COVID-19 economy, particularly where the re-occupation of commercial buildings is concerned. IoT occupancy sensing devices can help companies understand how building spaces are being used and assist with enforcing set limits on how many people can occupy small spaces to allow for adequate social distancing.

Further measures can be implemented to control and monitor the quality of environmental parameters within a building to limit the potential spread of infections. Indications show that COVID-19 spreads more efficiently in certain conditions, indicating that optimal control and management of air quality and humidity levels within buildings has never been more important.

Implementing a Smart Enterprise strategy, including choosing sensors, connection via an IoT platform and rules for analysing data will get a Smart Enterprise established and connected. Optimal Protocol is able to provide end-to-end services to allow Smart Occupancy project goals to be realised, from the design phase through to the build stage as well as ongoing service and support.

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