Occupancy management system

Sight In-Sight

Our solutions helps anyone who needs to count and record occupancy in their premises.
This could be a shop, cafe, big-box outlet store, gym, dairy, office building, library, or pool, etc.
This service counts people in and out, logs and reports for full Worksafe Alert Level 2/3 compliance, sends SMS or email alerts if the threshold is exceeded, and displays at the front of the premises if there is enough capacity to enter.

This allows for the correct social distancing requirements to be met, and logs and reports to prove it.

To download the brochure, go here: https://www.siteinsight.co.nz/covid-pdf or see the attached image.

The solution is stand-alone (I use a cellular modem for the data connection) so you don't need to worry about difficult cable runs or dealing with IT. Access to the data is all by web browser, so no special programmes to install (again, no IT worries).

I can sell you the solution, or hire it to you.

I have contractors all over the country.

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