Face Masks

Designed and sustainably made in New Zealand, our Ecoprotect™ masks are machine washable, reusable and sterilised in an autoclave for your protection.

We realise wearing a mask can take some getting used to, so we’ve come up with two mask options for you to choose from to suit the level of protection you’re after. From our simple, double-layer surgical style Pleat Mask to our technical HELIX.iso™ Filter Mask, we have designed each one for maximum comfort, breathability and protection.

While Ecoprotect™ masks are not respirators or medical devices, they are designed to protect you and those around you by reducing the chance of exposure to droplets from breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing. We’d like to stress they should be used in conjuction with regular handwashing, social distancing and cleaning.


Resource category : PPE / Medical supplies