Smart routing for businesses of all sizes

Whether you have a fleet of trucks or a single vehicle, route planning may appear to be a relatively straightforward logistical exercise; however basic mapping systems don’t have the features you need to think about when designing a route with a goal of optimisation in mind.

Route optimisation takes into consideration factors like driver health and safety to ensure drivers are not put under unrealistic time pressure to complete deliveries or fulfill services. Understanding travel speeds is another key element of route optimisation. Factoring in less common variables, such as access to address information for new subdivisions, or determining the destinations in rural or remote areas are equally important.

Whether delivering goods or services, turning up to the wrong address (or not being able to find the address at all) wastes time and money, and damages a business’ reputation. We get that, so we’ve developed two smart routing solutions (one for businesses with fleets of vehicles, and one for small business) that automatically generate optimal route designs, using New Zealand's most comprehensive addresses, road and transport network data, meaning businesses can save time, money and resources and gain the confidence that they can deliver the first time, every time.

If you’re in a business where you need to deliver goods or services to many destinations and need a clear map of these destinations, as well as the delivery order (e.g. the order used to pack your van with goods), how long the run should take and what the mileage will be, then a Critchlow Geospatial smart routing solution is for you.

Smart routing solutions for planning and optimisation are a small investment that helps you to avoid wasting resources, and more importantly, when done well, improves your bottom line. Optimising route planning properly typically reduces Opex between 5-15%, representing significant savings to any business.

Smart Routing by Critchlow Geospatial offers two web-based solutions that are designed to save your business time, cost and resources:

  1. Smart Routing for Fleets
  2. Smart Routing for Small Business (for a single vehicle)

Key features of smart routing:

• Automate optimal routes to save time, cost and resources, using New Zealand’s latest and most comprehensive road and transport network data
• Easily validate and/or correct addresses, leveraging New Zealand’s most comprehensive address dataset
• Know when your driver will finish deliveries and return to base and set how long the service delivery should take at each location (e.g. 5 minutes to drop a parcel off; 45 minutes to service an appliance)
• Produce maps that are easy to read and are printable for each driver, providing an accurate list of addresses and delivery times
• Confirm calculated total mileage for each vehicle

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