NEWZE Medical Suppliers for 3ply masks, N95 masks, nitrile gloves

NEWZE Medical consulting is a leading consulting company located in Shanghai, China, providing professional medical resources solution to our worldwide customers. Throughout five years of experience in medical field, we have built strong connections with 500+ local suppliers and have served variety of customers from more than 30 countries.

In this special period of time when the world is experiencing severe pandemic challenge, as an experienced company in the medical field, we would like to take the social responsibility and would like to help more companies worldwide to overcome the grim situation.

We would be more than happy to get your local firms connected with those local suppliers in order to fascilitate the process to fulfill the firms’ needs in New Zealand. The suppliers have variety of products for order such as medical gloves, medical face masks, KN95 face masks, protective suits,etc. Most of them have at least one of the CE and FDA certificates and are ready for order placement and we will negotiate with them to get the best price for your local firm.

We are also looking for distributors in New Zealand who have deep connections with local firms to help distribute manufacture goods in China, please don't hesitate to contact.

Resource category : PPE / Medical supplies